Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Middle School Earth Science Terms?
How Well Do You Know These Middle School Earth Science Terms?
By: Becky
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Was earth science your favorite subject in school? If it was, we know that you'll remember all of the terms on this quiz. Let's get started to find out how much you really remember about middle school earth science.

Are you an earth science nerd? One of the keys to being a proper science geek is the ability to speak the lingo. But, since you've managed to find your way to this quiz, we're going to assume that you already have that particular talent mastered. Earth science is the study of the earth and its atmosphere, and there are several branches that make up the field. Some of the branches of earth science are geology, oceanography, astronomy and meteorology, which are the studies of the earth's physical structure, the oceans, space and the weather, respectively. And, understandably, middle school earth science terms cover a little bit of each of these fields of study with terms such as volcano, atmosphere, coral reef and cyclone. If you know the definitions of these terms, you're probably ready for this quiz. If not, you might want to grab a middle school earth science book and brush up on your science vocab.

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