Quiz: How Well Do You Know These NFL Pro Bowl Players?
How Well Do You Know These NFL Pro Bowl Players?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

At the conclusion of each NFL season, there are a lot of awards that make the rounds. The Pro Bowl is one way the league recognizes the best players of the year, in effect creating an MVP game that highlights the immense talents in pro football (and giving the league a little more time in the spotlight, too). Do you really know anything about the Pro Bowl-caliber players spotlighted in our quiz?

The game, which has been played since 1970, has featured some of the finest athletes ever to wear NFL uniforms. Their names read like a list of Hall of Fame candidates: Joe Montana, Jim Kelly, Barry Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott. They were never just football players, they were celebrities, too. Do you recall their crazy on-field performances and amazing victories?

Sure, sometimes the Pro Bowl game itself gets a bad rap with fans. After all, the players don’t really know each other and none of them want to get hurt in a meaningless contest. But the honor of being selected for the Pro bowl is a feat in and of itself.

In our Pro Bowl players quiz, we’ll see if you know the gritty gridiron heroes who survived the seasons and emerged as stars. Line up in the shotgun, take the snap, and name these famous Pro Bowlers!

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