Quiz: How Well Do You Know These Words From Orchestra Class?
How Well Do You Know These Words From Orchestra Class?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

When we were young and in orchestra class, we were changing our brains and learning a whole other language. Musical notation is full of words, instruments, and phrases that only other musical people would know. After you answer your way through this quiz, we think you will impress yourself by the musical terminology that you remember. 

While we won't ask you to read from a piece of sheet music, we will ask you about words you might have learned during your days as a music student. From stanzas to crescendos, you might even relearn a few things you have forgotten. In order to keep you entertained, we have not taken the easy route, and we think you'll feel challenged by our questions. 

Tune up the strings of your brain and get your reeds wet! In order to pass this orchestra class quiz, you are going to have to lead your thoughts like a conductor leads an unruly string section. You have our every confidence that you'll be able to reprise your knowledge from the things you were taught, and you'll leave yourself feeling proud. 

Do you know these orchestra words as well as you think you do? Now is a great time to find out! 

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Which of the following words is a tempo instruction?
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Which of the following instruments is not a woodwind instrument?
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What kind of instrument is like a heckelphone?
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What is the orchestral music at the beginning of an opera called?
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What is the first note conducted by the leader called?
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Which symbol tells a performer they may hold a note as long as they like?
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Which word indicates something should be performed sweetly and delicately?
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What kind of instrument is a marimba?
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Which word means to be played at a walking tempo?
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What is it called when the notes of a chord are played individually rather than together?
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Which punctuation mark does a breath mark resemble?
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What is another name for 4/4 time?
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At which volume level does fortissimo tell players to play?
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What sort of instrument is a guiro?
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What is the name of the second-lowest brass instrument?
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What musical term means to decrease both tempo and volume?
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What is the name of the scale with 12 semitones?
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Which instrument works like an accordion?
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Who leads the orchestra?
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When sounds are not harmonious, what are they?
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Which musical form has a repeated theme?
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Which note of a scale is known as the leading tone?
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What is it called when a passage switches to another key?
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Which term tells string players to pluck the strings?
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Which composer composed "Moonlight Sonata"?
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How many performers are in a quintet?
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Which of these is a reed instrument?
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When an earlier part of a song repeats, what is it called?
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What is the last movement of a sonata called?
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Which drum has wires on the bottom head?
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What is another name for the timpani?
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What are the five lines containing musical notes called?
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What is the first note of a diatonic scale called?
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Which note has the longest time value?
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