Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Decade in History: 1950-1959
How Well Do You Know This Decade in History: 1950-1959
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

After the worldwide devastation of the Second World War, humankind took a short break from self-annihilation. In many places, the ’50s were a time of prosperity, recovery and family. What do you know about history from 1950 to 1959 in this too-tough-for-you quiz?

As the decade began, soldiers from the war were finally caught up with family life again. As such, they began having more and more babies, and demographics shifted all over the place. Improved farming led to increased population of cities, as fewer children needed to stay home on the family farm. Leisure time increased, and the concept of vacation destinations blossomed. What do you know about changes in societies following World War II?

In WWII’s wake, new political confrontations took the driver’s seat. Even with Hitler and the Empire of the Rising Sun vanquished, a great unease began rippling the waters. What do you know about the most important national conflicts of the post-WWII era?

It wasn’t all serious stuff. As families learned to have fun again, pop music, dance crazes, fashion and hot rodded cars all molded social life for kids and old folks alike. Take our 1950s history quiz now and see what you really know about this consequential decade!

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