Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Decade in History: 1970-1979
How Well Do You Know This Decade in History: 1970-1979
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

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The 1950s were the days of the Korean War, hot rods and poodle skirts — the ‘60s were a time of cultural meltdown and political clashes of all kinds The ‘70s, then, were a weird time to be an American. Echoes of the Sixties reverberated as reinvigorated right-wing conservatives again found their voices. What do you know about the history questions in this Seventies quiz?

The hopes and dreams of the early ‘60s had totally crashed and burned by the time the ‘70s arrived. Disillusionment was rampant, and it didn’t help that a corrupt presidential administration opted for the easy way out during a scandal called Watergate. How much do you know about American power games of this cynical decade?

The Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union still simmered during the ‘70s. Both countries vied for control in various parts of the world, from the Middle East to Latin America. Do you know how these superpowers clashed — and kept the peace — during the 1970s?

Hippies started to look like burnouts in the ‘70s. Their love-and-peace message began to smell like stale incense, too. What do you know about the shifts in music and youth culture? Take our ‘70s quiz now and see what you really know about the decade that subtly, but permanently, altered American life.

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