Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Decade in History: 1980-1989
How Well Do You Know This Decade in History: 1980-1989
By: John Miller
Image: NASA

About This Quiz

“They’re hee-ere!” In 1982, this line, from a terrifying movie called “Poltergeist” heralded the coming of a decade that is still as weird, funky, and electric as it was back when it all happened — the ‘80s were a time when the pace of the world increased exponentially, and it took everyone on a wild ride. What do you remember about the history of the Eighties?

At the beginning of the decade, a new president rose to power in the United States. He immediately set about revamping all sorts of government policies, changing the structure of economic powers in a vast array of ways. What do you know about the actor-turned-politician who held the reins of America in the 80s? 

With the Vietnam War (finally) ending in the 1970s, America took a break from full-scale battle during most of the ‘80s. But times were still tense, with two superpowers duking it out via proxy wars all over the globe. What do you know about the U.S. and its strained foreign relations during this decade?

Music was vibrant during the ‘80s. Big hair bands ruled pop and rock from the East Coast to the West. The Go-Gos, Poison, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and whole lot of other big music acts gained fame in the 1980s, and many of them are still riding that momentum today. What do you know about the biggest hits and pop culture trends of this hairsprayed decade?

From “The Karate Kid” to “16 Candles,” the ‘80s were mostly a good time to be alive in America. Take our ‘80s history quiz now and see how much you remember about this amazing decade!

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