Quiz: How Well Do You Know Unofficial Military Acronyms?
How Well Do You Know Unofficial Military Acronyms?
By: John Miller
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

The United States Armed Forces are the second-largest employer in America. As such, it might as well be its own country … and it definitely has its own language. You’ll find more acronyms in the military than you will at some computer companies. A lot of those acronyms fall outside official recognition, but almost everyone in uniform knows what they mean. In this quiz, we’ll present slang acronyms of the soldier's life, do you think you know what they mean?

There are thousands and thousands of official military acronyms. A “COP” is a Combat Outpost, and “EOD” is Explosive Ordnance Disposal. But there are a whole lot of slang acronyms, too. In the Air Force, there’s “GIB”, referring to the Guy In the Back – he’s the aviator who rides in the backseat of the plane. Or how about “HIC”? That’s the officer with his or her head in the clouds, totally unable to make sound decisions.

We all know what the Navy is. But “NAVY,” in some quarters, means “Never Again Volunteer Yourself,” as in, what were you thinking when you enlisted? And in every branch of the service, one must deal with “LHOs” or Large Heavy Objects.

Take cover in this military acronym quiz now! Are you a Marine or a USMC (“Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children”)?

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