Quiz: How Well Do You Know World Borders?
How Well Do You Know World Borders?
By: Bambi Turner
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About This Quiz

Do you know how many countries share a border with the United States, Canada or Mexico? Know where the longest and shortest international borders can be found, or which countries have natural borders formed by lakes and rivers? Any idea which countries are completely land-locked, or which nations share a border that straddles Mt. Everest? Take our quiz to test your world borders IQ!

Around 200 million years ago, the world had no borders -- literally. All the land was joined together to form a supercontinent known as Pangaea. Over time, this land gradually broke apart to form the continents we know today, and over the past few thousand years, that land was divided by man into individual nations.

While the borders between these roughly 200 global nations look pretty much the same on a map, they are significantly different in real life. Some are heavily guarded to keep people out -- or in. Others are marked by crossing gates, fences, walls, ropes or nothing at all. Some borders are so complex that they drift back and forth between two different countries, forming pockets and enclaves that can leave you wondering whether you're home or abroad. Others are home to elaborate ceremonies or statues symbolizing peace and unity between neighboring nations.

Think you know everything about the borders of the various countries, and how these countries are located in relation to one another? Take our quiz to find out!

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