Quiz: We'll Give You a Phrase, You Tell Us Which Language It's In!
We'll Give You a Phrase, You Tell Us Which Language It's In!
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How many languages did you study in school? Think you are a linguistic genius? Take this quiz to find out exactly how much you know about world languages.

Even if you claim only one language as your "mother tongue," you are likely to also understand at least a little bit of some other languages. You may have studied a foreign language in school, learned some phrases in another language while traveling, or just decided to better your own personal knowledge of the world around you by broadening your language horizons. Whatever your exposure, learning another language makes you a smarter and more well-rounded individual.

In case you didn't know, Chinese is the language spoken by the majority of individuals in the world. In fact, as many as 1.2 billion people speak some version of Chinese, with Mandarin being the most spoken with roughly one billion speakers. If you speak English as your primary tongue, you may be surprised to learn that just over 350 million people speak English as their native language - Spanish and Chinese have more speakers. Even more surprising, more people throughout the world speak English as a second language than speak English as a first language. Surprised?

Take this quiz to find out how much you know about world languages.

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