Quiz: How Well Do You Know the World's Major Religions?
How Well Do You Know the World's Major Religions?
By: Allison Lips
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About This Quiz

Growing up, most of us are told not to talk about politics or religion. However, the latter is an important part of billions of peoples' lives. Some countries have an official religion, such as the 27 Middle Eastern and North African countries with Islam as their state religion. Others, such as the United States, have none and are home to a cornucopia of religious practices. 

In the United States, we celebrate Christmas with our Christian friends, wish our Jewish friends "shanah tova" for Rosh Hashanah, and our Muslim friends "Ramadan mubarek" during Ramadan. Unless you have a conversation with a member of each religion, you may not know much more than a few basic facts.

Regardless of your religion or lack of, you will want to take this quiz to find out how accurate your knowledge is and learn a few things to share with your friends. After all, Scientology is more than Tom Cruise and Rastafarianism is practiced by more than just Bob Marley. You may be surprised at how much each religion has in common, so let's celebrate the similarities and embrace the differences.

Are you a religious scholar? Test your knowledge of world religions with these questions!

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Which sect of Christianity is associated with the pope?
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Mecca is a holy city for people who practice which religion?
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Which religion celebrates Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah?
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Which of these is not an Abrahamic religion?
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What state do Buddhists seek to reach?
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Which religion has over 2 billion followers worldwide?
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What is Siddhartha Gautama better known as?
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Where is the Holy See located?
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Which of these is not a historically Indian religion?
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What is Islam's holy book called?
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What is Christianity's holy book called?
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What religion uses the Torah?
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Which religion is the Prophet Muhammad associated with?
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What is the chief religious official of a synagogue called?
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What is a Muslim prayer leader called?
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Which word refers to the Hindu concept that every action will have a future reaction?
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What is a native Japanese religion?
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What religion takes its name from the Punjabi word for "learner?"
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Which religion uses the yin-yang symbol?
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Adherents of which religion attend Sunday services at Kingdom Hall?
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What country is associated with Rastafarianism?
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What religion's name is Spanish for "The Way of the Saints?"
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Which religion did Joseph Smith found?
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Which religion did L. Ron Hubbard found?
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What is a non-belief in God called?
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Which religion is named after a Chinese philosopher?
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Which religion prays in a mosque?
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What ceremony does a Jewish boy have when he turns 13 years old?
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What month-long holiday do Muslims fast during?
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What holiday do Jewish people fast during?
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What is the first day of Lent called?
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Which of these is a Pagan witchcraft tradition?
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What is the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people called?
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The cross is associated with which religion?
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