Quiz: How Well Do You Know WWI Flying Aces?
How Well Do You Know WWI Flying Aces?
By: John Miller
Image: Rebel Media

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In 1903, the Wright Brothers sent the first heavier-than-air plane into the skies over North Carolina. About a decade later, tens of thousands of planes would clash in the skies over Europe during World War I. The airplane came of age … in a time of carnage. How much do you know about the best pilots of the Great War?

During WWI, only a small number of pilots qualified as “aces.” Do you know how these men managed to earn their legendary status? Furthermore, only a very tiny percentage became “ace of aces,” and these pilots were truly death from above. Do you recall the most celebrated aces from this terrible conflict?

Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen had the long name but a much more memorable nickname. Do you remember what enemy pilots called him? He led his men into battle all over the Western Front.

There are many notable names from the air war. They include René Fonck, Billy Bishop, Donald MacLaren, Josef Jacobs, Ernst Udet and Eddie Rickenbacker. Their names may now be collecting the dust of history, but they’re still celebrated as some of the best early pilots in to soar through the bullet-riddled skies.

Hop in your Fokker for takeoff and do battle with the Sopwiths. Maybe your Albatross will help you survive an Allied squadron attack … or maybe you’ll crash into flames. Take our World War I ace quiz now!

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