Quiz: Can You Identify the Meaning of These WWII Slang Words?
Can You Identify the Meaning of These WWII Slang Words?
By: Allie T.
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

How well do you think you know World War II slang? Take this quiz and find out.

Today's generation "speaks" with emojis and acronyms. This behavior isn't new. From the beginning of time, older generations have been lamenting that they just don't understand "young people today." It may be hard to believe as we look at our grandparents and great-grandparents, but the generation that came of age during World War II had their own unique way of communicating, too. 

From words like palooka, wilco, clams, gams, and jake, to entire phrases such as "blow it out your barracks bag" and "cooking with gas," the World War II generation was just as adept at developing colorful lingo as any other generation before or since.

So, if you knew that palooka means loser, wilco means okey dokey, clams refers to money, gams refers to legs, and jake a-ok, then you are likely to do well on this quiz. But if you knew that "blow it out your barracks bag" means "get lost," and "cooking with gas" means being "on to something," you just might answer all of the questions on this quiz correctly.

Think you've got what it takes to hang with the Greatest Generation? Let's roll.

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A letter from one's sweetheart was called a what?
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Becoming acclimated to the way a ship moved meant a sailor was getting his what?
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"Kilroy Was Here" was a type of what?
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Who was a G.I. Jesus?
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When a person went "bucking for a Section 8" they were trying to get what?
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A person who gives his opinion on everything is a what?
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A know-it-all about military regulations was called a what?
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Canned or tinned food was called what?
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Why didn't men like to get a Dear John letter, even if their name was John?
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A Hershey Bar was actually used as a form of what in parts of Europe?
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Mae West was not only a famous actress, but soldiers also used her name to describe what?
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A poster of a sexy movie star was called a what?
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A pecker checker checked soldiers for what?
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Beans was a nickname for what?
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A pineapple wasn't a fruit, it was slang for what?
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Lettuce or carrots were called what?
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Gruesome twosome was what?
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Dumbo was not only a Disney character, but also slang for what?
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What was Anastasie?
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A canary was not only a bird, but also slang for what?
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"Sparks" is the nickname given to what?
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A unlucky or sad soldier was nicknamed what?
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Lead poisoning wasn't about filthy water or lead paint during WWII, but rather, it referred to what?
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Housewife was slang for what?
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A disgusting lemonade powder found in rations was called what?
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A man or woman who flagged a 4-F was what?
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If a person didn't have "jack" they didn't have any what?
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