Quiz: Only A Car Expert Can ID These Famous 1960s Cars
Only A Car Expert Can ID These Famous 1960s Cars
By: Jodi C.
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Do you know your way around cars? More specifically, do you know your 1960s cars? This quiz will test you to the max by driving you into some crazy car trivia. Ready?

It's no secret that each decade, era, or generation will be defined by the cultural products popular during that specific time. From clothes to music and movies to language, each era or decade has its defining moments, memorable inventions, impressive innovations, and even forgettable flops.

The same can be said and observed with cars. Ever since the car was mass-produced in the 1900s, decade after decade saw imminent changes and revisions to the models first rolled out of factories. From the roaring '20s to the Depression-era '30s, then the war-torn '40s and the rebirth-slash-rehash of cultural norms during the '50s, you could say that cars went along for the ride and rolled along with the changes. It's no wonder that the '60s would find itself with the kinds of cars displayed along the streets of the era.

Are you old enough to remember what kinds of cars were considered "Kings of the roads" during those times? Or are you a nostalgia-lover who finds the sexy '60s intriguing and curious? No matter what your generation may be, it would still be fun to test your knowledge of '60s car. Care to try it out? Then start your engines, and let 'em fly!

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