Quiz: How well do you know your medieval weapons?
How well do you know your medieval weapons?
By: Dyann J
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The battlefield in the Middle Ages used more up-close-and-personal techniques compared to wars today. Masses of soldiers with bladed and blunt weapons clashed against one another in a desperate fight. Are you a history buff? Take our quiz to see how many medieval weapons you can name!

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Today mace is sprayed from a can, but what was mace in medieval times?
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Who was the person that maintained the weapons and armor of a knight and helped the knight don his armor?
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Soldiers weren’t sheepish about using what massive log on wheels to breech doors and walls?
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When were cannons first fielded in Europe?
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What is the sport where two horsemen gallop towards each other on horseback, with long poles, trying to knock each other from their mounts?
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What was the long pole called, that was used in jousting?
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What type of armor consisted of interlaced metal rings?
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What medieval weapon was made famous in stories about Robin Hood and William Tell?
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Which of these is a knife, popular in medieval times, with a long, tapered, double-edged blade?
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Bows fire arrows, but what do crossbows fire?
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While the Germans referred to their large two-handed sword as a Zweihänder, what was the Scottish version of this weapon called?
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What was the name of a large sword that required the soldier to use both hands when wielding it?
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What was a long, thin, sharply pointed sword called?
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When the Romans nearly ruled the world in their heyday, they managed it at the point of what short sword?
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A catapult was what type of weapon?
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Which of the following is a siege weapon, also called a Perrier?
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Which of the following is a larger version of the crossbow, used for siege warfare?
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What sword was carried in feudal Japan by the Samurai?
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What is the name of the short sword that is the counterpart to the Katana?
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What is the term for the pair of swords carried by Samurai in feudal Japan?
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The Vikings carried a sword, usually referred to simply as a Viking sword, but what is the true name of this iconic blade?
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What favorite weapon of the Vikings evolved from a tool used for chopping wood?
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What Indian weapon, which ran circles around other weapons of its time, was probably secretly concealed in Oddjob's hat brim in a James Bond movie?
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When was the last known use of the guillotine in France?
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What is the object held by the Greek god, Poseidon, that resembles a pitchfork?
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What was the most iconic headgear of the Middle Ages?
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What weapon, basically a spear with an axe attached, is still used ceremoniously in Vatican City by the Swiss Guard?
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What medieval weapon is often used now for constructive use, rather than destructive use?
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While most armor in Europe was made from steel, what was some armor made from in China?
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While modern bows are often made from composite materials, like wood and fiberglass, who most likely created the oldest known composite bow?
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Not typically associated with the medieval battlefield, what weapon is still in use today by many hunters?
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According to the Bible, what weapon did David use to kill Goliath?
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What was the name of a long, wooden hafted weapon with a spiked ball on the end?
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What is the fearsome medieval weapon that looked like a tall building - as in, when one was being erected next to your castle you'd better get ready to fight?
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What was basically a long pointed stick that was used for defense against charging cavalry?
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