Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Punctuation Marks?
How Well Do You Know Your Punctuation Marks?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Punctuation is necessary! It adds clarity to and understanding the written language written. If punctuation did not exist, we would not know when to stop, pause, add emphasis and do a host of other things when reading. When we were younger, we were taught the most common punctuation marks, like commas, periods, question marks, exclamation points, hyphens, and apostrophes. 

But we're taking it a lot further. We want to know if you can recognize the not-so-common ones like the guillemets, em-dash, diastole, asterism and double quotation marks. Although they're not used very often, at one point in time, they were extremely useful. 

We've even added some punctuation marks used in other languages. We've gone to India, Japan, China, Greece, Armenia and even Sri Lanka. We've taken some of their marks, so you shouldn't be surprised if you see some things you just aren't familiar with. But don't worry, we've added hints for every question that you can use if you ever get stuck. 

So, do you know enough about punctuation to recognize all of its marks and points? Will you make your English and literature teacher proud? Or will you go on a permanent detention? Let's find out?  

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