Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your World Capitals?
How Well Do You Know Your World Capitals?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Final boarding call for world travelers! It’s time to see if you’re well-traveled enough to identify the country based on its capital city.

Chances are, if you love to travel, you’ll ace this quiz. Do you get all warm and fuzzy just from planning a trip? Do you have at least one trip scheduled on your calendar at all times? Do you take your suitcase out a good two weeks before your trips?

And lest we forget - that passport! Getting a new stamp in your passport is one of the most gratifying experiences for a world traveler. It is your mission in life to fill it up, and you hate it when the border agent doesn’t use enough ink to make the stamp readable! But deep down, you know where you went. You know the food you ate, you know the layovers you’ve had, and you most definitely don’t consider it a real visit unless you leave the airport!

Learning the world’s capital cities comes not just from a book, but from experience. Which is why we know if you’ve traveled near and far, you’ve got this quiz in the bag… or should we say, in your suitcase!

Now let’s get settled in our first class seats and see how well you do with the ultimate world capitals quiz!

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