Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your World History?
How Well Do You Know Your World History?
By: John Miller
Image: Vincenzo Camuccini

About This Quiz

Those who forget history are, well, you know the phrase – and it’s one of the most important reasons we teach history classes in school. But history isn’t just a practice in avoiding future calamities of our own design, it’s a fascinating perspective on human nature and Earth-shattering events of all kinds. In this quiz, you will demonstrate how much you really know about world history.

Do you know how Alexander the Great changed the geopolitical landscape of the ancient world? And do you have any idea how Cleopatra’s doomed alliance shifted the balance of power between empires? How much do you recall about the ancient Romans and the lands they once inhabited … and how their empire crumbled to bits?

In times both ancient and modern, organized religion has played a major role in civilizations the world over. Sometimes that structure benefits the human quality of life, and in other situations, it ends in the deaths of millions of innocent people. How did religion factor into some of history’s most impactful events?

Jump into this wide-ranging world history quiz now! Let’s find out much you really know about world-changing people and catastrophes!

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