Quiz: How Well Do You Remember "Deadpool?"
How Well Do You Remember "Deadpool?"
By: Jouviane Alexandre
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

The morbid mercenary of the Marvel universe made it into his own film, and it was glorious. Whether you watched it in theaters the day it came out or waited to watch it in the privacy of your own home, the profane shenanigans and intense senseless violence were an utter delight. This film broke both bones and the fourth wall in an effort to reach the darkest and most morbid senses of humor, and it massively succeeded in entertaining the public. 

The best moments of "Deadpool" display his sordid desire for revenge, despite warming our hearts with his touching motives. While we admire Wade Wilson for the clearness of his moral code, the film leaves us questioning whether he is a good guy or not. The wonderful the legacy of Marvel's "Deadpool" was masterfully upheld in the 2015 film.

Between the wanton violence and lecherous comedy, the movie went by fast. So how well do you remember what happened in "Deadpool?" In between uproarious laughter, did you pay attention to the masterful easter eggs that Wade Wilson peppered into the story? Or do you only remember the general plot? Take our quiz to challenge your knowledge of "Deadpool," and see if you could make the dastardly Wade Wilson proud!

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