Quiz: How well do you remember Disney's minor characters?
How well do you remember Disney's minor characters?
By: Annette
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Disney just does not stop when it comes to giving us hit after hit with their movies! It's crazy because this company has been around for almost 100 years and still captures the attention of the audience in every single one of its films. 

While we may never know their secret, we do know their characters, to a point where some of us have brought them home. And it doesn't matter if you have an Elsa poster, a Moana doll, the key to Davy Jones' chest or some Mickey Mouse ears; the point is that you know the main characters. 

But we aren't focusing on them today. Today, we want to discuss the other smaller roles that make the big ones so great. So could you answer a question about Hei Hei (Moana's chicken) if we gave you one? Could you tell us the name of Mufasa's advisor and closest friend (yes, the bird)? And could you tell us the name of the gorgeous gypsy that Quasimodo fell for in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame?"

While it's great to know the names of the characters that really shine in the movie, you can't call yourself a Disney fan if you don't know the names of the minor ones as well. So let's find out if you deserve that title or not. 

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