Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Flatliners?
How Well Do You Remember Flatliners?
By: Annette
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"Flatliners" is an unforgettable '90s movie that recently got a remake! Before you see the new version, it's best to test your knowledge of the original. This quiz is so exciting, it may put you in a coma.

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"Flatliners" starred Julia Roberts and which actor?
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What year did the original "Flatliners" come out?
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Which of these actors was almost in the film?
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The film deals with what issue?
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Who said, "My attraction to the character was that he had an incredible passion for what he did, and for what he believed, and that kind of conviction is always a very appealing thing to play"?
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Kevin Bacon's character was the _____ of the group.
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Who was the oldest cast member, among the medical student characters?
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Which famous actor produced the film?
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Who said, "Hello, I'm nice, he's nice, we're both f***ing lunatics. Can I come in, please?"
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Who said, "I did not come to medical school to murder my classmates, no matter how deranged they might be"?
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Who said, "Nelson, if you die, can I have your apartment?"
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Who said, "This is not the kind of sh*t I want on my transcript"?
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In the film, blue lighting forecasts what?
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In the film, orange lighting bodes _____ ?
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Who had to "face what he has done to the young women who have trusted him"?
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Which genre does the movie fall into?
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How many medical students are part of the experiments​?
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Where was the film shot?
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What studio released "Flatliners"?
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Many of the cast members were considered part of _______.
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Who described "Flatliners" as "a story about atonement and forgiveness involving these students who, in a sense, violate the gods and pay a price."
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Who said, "All five people in this movie have a different reason for wanting to do this. My character is almost obsessed with the idea of death, and making sure that when you die you're going to a good place"?
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Did "Flatliners" only shoot in Chicago?
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"Flatliners" opened in the same year as which of these movies?
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What was the design style for the lab?
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Was "Flatliners" nominated for an Academy Award?
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Who carries around a tape recorder in the movie?
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Who said, "Today is a good day to die"?
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Who said, "You bring the equipment, I'll bring my balls"?
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Who said, "We're finally going to have something to hold over those f***ing baby boomers"?
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Who played Winnie Hicks?
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"Flatliners" debuted at #?
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