Quiz: How well do you remember "South Pacific?"
How well do you remember "South Pacific?"
By: Susan McDonald
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The music! The scenery! The weird colored camera filters! The film version of Rodgers & Hammerstein's "South Pacific" tells the story of true love's triumph over outdated prejudices amid the dangers of war, and the songs are timeless. Test your knowledge of the movie now!

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What branch of the military does Joe Cable belong to?
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What is Mary's nickname among the sailors?
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What is Nellie's hometown?
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How long have Emile and Nellie known each other when he proposes marriage?
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Who sings the song "Some Enchanted Evening?"
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When Nellie decides to break up with Emile, what metaphor does she use to describe how she plans to forget about him?
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Who plays "Honey Bun" in Nellie's show?
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On what island is the covert outpost located?
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What do Emile's children refuse to do until Nellie sings?
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