Quiz: Can You Pass The Ultimate 1960s Quiz?
Can You Pass The Ultimate 1960s Quiz?
By: Lenore Brown
Image: Wiki commons

About This Quiz

Are you a fan of the 1960s? Take this quiz to see how well you can hang.

The 1960s were a popular decade, even if you weren't born then. The '60s were one of those decades that are highlighted on social media as something people survived in the eyes of people today. But if you lived during the '60s, it was a decade of freedom. 

Kids played outside from sunup to sundown, mom flicked the front porch light to tell you to come home (or you made sure you headed for home as soon as the street lights came on), neighbors knew and cared about each other, candy, and Betty Crocker recipes flowed freely. Family and friends all piled into the back of the station wagon or the back of the pickup truck, sans seatbelts, and headed to the Dairy Queen for an after dinner treat. 
The '60s gave us The Beatles, the Pill, David Frost, the mini skirt, Twiggy, John F. Kennedy, the Volkswagen Beetle, and a trip to the moon. Of course, the '60s weren't all great. The nation also experienced the assassination of the first president born in the 20th century, Vietnam, and bloody Civil Rights protests.

Think you can ace this 1960s quiz? Let's get started.

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