Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Historic Events of the 1960s?
How Well Do You Remember the Historic Events of the 1960s?
By: John Miller
Image: Yoichi Okamoto

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Every generation features cultural changes and social transformations, but the 1960s were a truly chaotic time in world history. From bloody wars to jaw-dropping technological achievements to unwashed hippies, this decade had it all. What do you really know about the incredible ‘60s?

The 1950s found America and the rest of the world settling into a post-war haze of sorts. But the economy was struggling and yet another armed conflict was brewing, this time in Vietnam. How much do you know about the strife that affected the United States in the early ‘60s?

Minority groups became increasingly exasperated with Jim Crow laws and segregation in the early 1960s. They ratcheted up their political machine and began trying new means to achieve equal rights. What do you know about the Civil Rights movement that changed the country?

The Space Race started in 1959, when the USSR launched the world’s first satellite. Americans were consumed by fears of Communist superiority and so began a concerted effort to leapfrog the Soviets. How did that process affect the country?

And of course, during the Sixties, the counterculture — in all its tie-dyed and LSD-tainted glory — found its place in liberal enclaves. Society would never be the same again. Grab your patchouli incense, put on a Janis Joplin record, and brace yourself for our epic 1960s history quiz!

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