Quiz: 35 Questions About the Last Episode of "Friends"?
35 Questions About the Last Episode of "Friends"?
By: Jouviane Alexandre

About This Quiz

No one told you life was going to be this way, and I bet they didn't tell you how "Friends" was going to end either! When it comes to the final episode of "Friends," how well do you remember what happened?

In 1994, "Friends" premiered on NBC. The sitcom followed around a group of 20-somethings who were still trying to navigate their personal and professional lives. After 10 years, 10 seasons, and more than 230 episodes, fans like you were left with lasting memories.

Rachel was known for her chic style and loving nature. Who could forget Monica's nurturing behavior and excellent cooking skills? No one is getting past Phoebe's eccentricities and her 'excellent' guitar skills. What about Joey's acting dream and love of food? Chandler is always ready with a joke or two... or 10. Ross's sometimes erratic behavior gave way to a dedicated friend and father. 

The entire 10 seasons of "Friends" gave you and all the other ultimate friends out there something to remember. The show holds a memorable place in TV history, but just how much do you remember about the series finale?

What final tasty gift does Monica leave in Joey's freezer? Who announces that they "got off the plane?" After Monica and Chandler move out of the apartment, where does the gang head together? If these questions are a piece of cake, you just might be the ultimate 'Friend,' but can you prove it? Sit back with a cup of coffee from Central Perk, and let's begin!

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