Quiz: How well do you remember the M.A.S.H. series finale?
How well do you remember the M.A.S.H. series finale?
By: John Miller
Image: CBS

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These wacky yet thoughtful military men and women kept the world laughing for more than 10 years. The last episode still ranks as one of TV's most-watched moments. How much do you remember about the series finale of M.A.S.H.?

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The episode was the last show of an 11-year run. What year did it air?
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As the show begins, the members of the 4077th M.A.S.H. unit are counting down the days to the end of what?
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The show opens with Hawkeye Pierce suffering from what problem?
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Dr. Sydney Freedman is trying to help Hawkeye get past his nervous breakdown. He sees that Hawkeye has which issue?
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Hawkeye is repressing memories about an event in which he and refugees were forced to hide from ______.
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In Hawkeye's memories, as the terrified people hid from enemy soldiers, a refugee's chicken wouldn't stop clucking. But in reality, what was the chicken?
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In a desperate effort to avoid detection by the enemy patrol, how did the refugee woman stifle the cries of her baby?
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At the beginning of the show, Charles Winchester encounters a group of Chinese soldiers. What do they do?
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Who does Klinger fall in love with?
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How is Father Mulcahy injured during the episode?
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After the mortar attack, what health problem does Father Mulcahy fear?
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Why did the enemy attack a medical camp in the first place?
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As the episode continues, Klinger opens camp mail regarding B.J. What does the letter say?
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Hawkeye returns from his mental health leave and sees the tank in the middle of camp. What does he do?
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After B.J.'s departure, the camp gets a replacement surgeon. Who is it?
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Winchester is annoyed by the Chinese musicians at first. But he teaches them to correctly play a song by which musician?
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Why do Winchester's beloved Chinese musicians have to abruptly leave camp?
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The camp is elated to learn that a cease-fire has been announced. Then what happens?
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Dark news rolls in regarding Winchester's beloved Chinese musicians. What happened to them?
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The team gathers and chats about their post-war plans. What does Hawkeye plan to do?
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What major life change does Klinger announce?
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As the camp packs up to leave, Potter takes one last ride on Sophie, his horse. What does he do with Sophie?
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Hawkeye and B.J. are finally leaving camp, meaning they have to tear down their tent. What's the nickname for their quarters?
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Winchester finally gets to depart the 4077th. How does he leave?
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True or false, is the final episode still the most-watched finale of any TV series in American history?
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As Hawkeye departs via a helicopter, he sees that B.J. has constructed a message made of rocks that can only be seen from the air. What does the message say?
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Winchester is worried about what will happen to his professional life after the war. How does Margaret help him?
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