Quiz: How well do you remember "The Parent Trap?"
How well do you remember "The Parent Trap?"
By: Heather Cahill
Image: tmdb

About This Quiz

Imagine the feeling of finding out that you have a sister that you never knew about. Now imagine that your sister was actually your twin!

If you're a fan of the movie, you'll for sure know where each of the girls lived, but can you name their parents? How about the camp that both of the girls attended? Can you match the girls to the parent that they lived with?

Lindsay Lohan was the star of the movie, playing both of the girls. Imagine the fun she must have had getting to play two different personalities! Which of the characters in the movie was your favorite?

So you know how the girls met, but do you know how they tricked their parents? How about who came up with the plan? You might even know how they made it all happen without getting caught. They were very sneaky about it!

And lastly, you'll need to know if it all worked out for them. Did the girls get their wish? Did their parents make up? What happened to Meredith when it was all over? If you can answer these questions, this quiz will be easy for you!

"The Parent Trap" has been a fan favorite since it was released. So, if you think you really know the movie, prove you're a true fan and take this quiz!

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