Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the Show "The Big Valley"?
How Well Do You Remember the Show "The Big Valley"?
By: Stella Alexander
Image: ABC

About This Quiz

We're going to the Wild Wild West! Traveling back to California in the 1800s, you'd find that life surrounded the ranch. From the cowboys and ranchers to the cattle and sheep, "The Big Valley" portrayed real life on a 19th-century ranch. From all the drama that played out in this TV western, how well do you remember the show?

Life in California during the 19th century was all about the ranch. Families would set up their lives around the work and business that came from it. Surrounding the lives of cowboys and ranchers, these workers, normally men, were essentially responsible for everything. You couldn't have a ranch without animals and they were tasked with taking care of them, whether that required herding, round-ups, or cattle drives. While these normally rugged men helped run the ranch, all happenings were controlled by the head of the family. In most cases, this was usually the patriarch, but in a series like "The Big Valley," it's the women who call the shots!

"The Big Valley" premiered in 1965 on ABC. Following Victoria Barkley and the lives of her family, the series centered on their lives on their Central Valley ranch. A lot happened through four seasons of laughs, tears, and drama. Can you remember all of it? What was the name of Tom's illegitimate son? How did Victoria's husband die before the beginning of the series? Before Eugene disappeared from the show, what profession was he studying to become?

Life on the ranch wasn't all sunshine as the Barkley's would show you. Can you remember all the hardship and adventures in "The Big Valley"? Let's find out!

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