Quiz: How Well Do You Remember the TV Show "Wings?"
How Well Do You Remember the TV Show "Wings?"
By: Heather Cahill
Image: NBC

About This Quiz

Sandpiper Airlines is the best choice when flying in and out of Nantucket Island! You'll be taken care of by the team comprised of Joe, Brian, Fay, Helen and Casey. "Wings" ran for a total of eight seasons, and starred Steven Weber and Tim Daly. The show revolved around the main characters and their airline business as well as their personal matters. Who was your favorite character on the show?

Do you know who the rival airline in the show was? Can you name the instrument that Helen played? Do you know which character had to decide whether or not to join the Witness Protection Program? Can you name Helen's sister? The show had many characters who dealt with difficult topics.

Do you know who Brian lived with? Do you know what the fate of Joe and Brian's father was? Can you name the couple who got married on the show? What about Fay's strange goal in life? Each character had their own quirks and happy moments that made the show memorable.

"Wings" is a classic '90s show that dominated the airwaves during its time. With a few awards to its name, it was popular even past its last closing credits. So, if you think you're a true fan of the show, you'll be able to pass this quiz with flying colors!

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