Quiz: How Well Do You Remember These Major Moments from the '80s?
How Well Do You Remember These Major Moments from the '80s?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Jeff Quitney

About This Quiz

The '80s were a decade of hope, fear, and liberation.

The biggest moments of the decade came from many areas. There were ups and downs in pop culture, politics, the economy and even in your own backyard. There were firsts and lasts that changed history forever. Which moment comes to mind for you when you think of the '80s?

Do you remember the television stations that changed the way that we consumed media? How about the celebrations that the world watched from the comfort of their own homes? What about the deaths of important figures in society that impacted people all over the world? There were good times and hard times that will never be forgotten.

Can you name the toys that were sought after by parents everywhere? What about the first American woman in space? Maybe you can name the company that revolutionized the cellphone industry with the first mobile phone? The decade was filled with innovation, especially in the area of technology.

Without the events of the '80s, the world could be drastically different than we know it today. If you had no trouble with these questions, then this quiz will be easy for you. So, if you're a true '80s expert, take a shot at this quiz to see how well you remember the decade!

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