Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Xena Warrior Princess?
How Well Do You Remember Xena Warrior Princess?
By: John Miller
Image: Syfy

About This Quiz

She was a Destroyer of Worlds who came to see the error of her ways. Now, she’s an Amazonian warrior clad in (rather skimpy) leather duds, fighting injustice across the lands. She’s “Xena: Warrior Princess,” the TV series that won an international following beginning in the 1990s.

Starring Lucy Lawless as Xena, the show followed the adventures of the title character and her special friend. Do you remember that friend’s name? And do you remember the stories that gave rise to Xena in the first place?

Xena travels all over the world on fantastical quests. Do you know the names of the men she loves (and loses) along the way? And do you remember how she deals with former lovers who double-cross her?

Did you know that Xena was once the most popular show on the planet – even more popular than “Baywatch”? The show’s irreverent blend of action, comedy, love and satire was an intoxicating medieval brew that no fantasy lover could resist.

Do you remember the episode when Xena does battle with an archangel? How about the one where Xena and Gabrielle face off with hungry cannibals?

No matter who she was fighting, Xena always struggled with her own demons, too. The inner clashes and epic battles made for an unforgettable show – let’s see how much of Xena you really remember!

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