Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Your Daily Oral Language Lessons?
How Well Do You Remember Your Daily Oral Language Lessons?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Are you a proud, card-carrying member of the grammar police? If so, you will probably enjoy this quiz. We've prepared a list of 35 of the most common grammar mistakes we all have been guilty of. We challenge you to identify them all.

Some of the most common grammar errors involve the use of the words there, their and they're. Some people just can't seem to use these words properly. They're really simple to use, if you understand what they mean. For instance, the word "they're" is a contraction that combines the words "they" and "are," so to write "they're children are all grown" means that you have written "they are children are all grown." Sounds silly, right? The word "their" indicates possession, so when we're talking about "their" grown children, we would use the word "their." And finally, the word "there" indicates placement, like here and there. So, use the word "there" when you are talking about the location of something. As an example, we are not going "there" after the party.

Simple, right? So, if the misuse of words they're, there and their drive you nuts, and if dangling modifiers, incomplete comparisons and passive voice make you want to scream, this is the quiz for you.

Let's get started.

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