Quiz: How You Make Your Coffee Will Reveal if You're a Morning or Night Person!
How You Make Your Coffee Will Reveal if You're a Morning or Night Person!
By: Khadija L.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

While many people like to say that they drink coffee solely for the dose of caffeine, studies have shown that there is much more to it than that. Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia sometime during the 11th century where it was boiled for medicinal purposes. Myths about this "magical fruit" spread and soon voyages were made to get it. By the 15th century, people began roasting and brewing the seeds, which led to what we know today.

Centuries later, people and companies have found a way for this once rare beverage available to the masses. In many ways to alcohol, it has become more of a social drink, and there is no right or wrong time to drink it.

There are also quite a few benefits to drinking a "cup of joe" every morning, some of which includes boosting energy and making you indirectly smarter by the enhanced firing of neurons, increasing the metabolic rate that increases fat burning and containing nutrients like vitamins B2, B5, B3, potassium, and niacin.

Have you ever wondered what the way you make your coffee says about you? Well if you decide to take this quiz, it will tell whether you are a morning person or night person. Take it to find out if we got it right!

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