Quiz: The Ultimate Hurting Your Credit Score Quiz
The Ultimate Hurting Your Credit Score Quiz
By: Staff
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Sticks and stones may break your bones, but a bad credit name will also harm you. How much damage can you cause to your own credit score if you're not careful? Take this quiz to get the answers.

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How long can it take to damage your credit score?
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A library book that you haven't returned could cost you how many credit points?
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You are spending too much so you decide to cancel one credit card. Does this damage your credit score?
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How do credit bureaus use your available credit and your debt to determine your credit score?
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Which of these companies created the industry standard for credit models?
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What kind of debts affect your credit score more, old debts or new ones?
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If a third of your credit score is based on your credit history, will late payments be positive or negative in terms of your score?
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After six months of unpaid bills, a credit card company will turn the problem over to a collection agency. They'll write off your debt and call it a:
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For how many years can a charge-off appear in your credit history?
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Late payments can create a ripple effect with regard to damaging your credit score. What is the effect sometimes called?
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