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You've been to fancy hotels -- you enjoy the room service. Now you want to try something new and interesting. How about a hotel made entirely of ice? The ICEHOTEL Sweden and its sister location in Canada provide world class accommodations in what is basically just a glorified igloo. Take our quiz to learn more about how ice hotels work.

What is the ice hotel in Sweden called?

Sweden's ice hotel is appropriately named ICEHOTEL.


In which Swedish town is ICEHOTEL built?

ICEHOTEL is located in the town Jukkasjarvi.


ICEHOTEL is built from water taken from where?

The River Torne, which runs past the town of Jukkasjarvi, is the water source for ICEHOTEL.


How far from the Arctic Circle is the town of Jukkasjarvi?

Jukkasjarvi and that section of the River Torne are located 124 miles (200 kilometers) north of the Arctic Circle -- yeah, it's cold.


How often is ICEHOTEL rebuilt?

Even that far north there is no way to keep ICEHOTEL frozen, so it must be rebuilt every year.


What temperature are the rooms in an ice hotel?

To keep the ice intact, the rooms at an ice hotel will be between 17 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit (-8 to -5C).


A traditional dwelling made of ice is called what?

You might say that an ice hotel is really a glorified igloo, but once you see one in real life, you might just call it glorious.


What is the name of the native Canadians who live in igloos?

While some people still refer to the natives of Canada and Greenland who live in igloos as Eskimos, their proper name is Inuit.


When did the company that builds ICEHOTEL build its first venue?

In 1990 the company that now builds the ICEHOTEL built its first venue: Arctic Hall.


What was the purpose of Arctic Hall?

Arctic Hall was built in 1990 as a venue for an art show.


How large was Arctic Hall?

At 197 square feet, Arctic Hall was an extremely large igloo.


ICEHOTEL has a bar named for which famous vodka?

The Swedish vodka Absolut is considered one the best vodkas on the market.


What are the glasses at the ABSOLUT ICEBAR made out of?

At the ICE BAR even the glasses are made out of ice. They call it having a drink "in the rocks."


The ice museum is open until what hour?

Until six in the evening the ice museum is open for visits and tours. After six ICEHOTEL is only open to overnight guests.


How much does the premier package at ICEHOTEL cost?

Though there are packages available for as little as $169, the premier package costs $800.


How long does it take an experienced Inuit to build an igloo?

A seasoned Inuit can build an igloo in about two hours!


What is the name of the ice enthusiast who built Ice Hotel Quebec?

Jacques Dubois, an ice enthusiast who had already built a number of ice structures throughout Canada, built Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada in 1996.


How far from Quebec City is the Ice Hotel Quebec?

Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada is only a 30-minute car ride from Quebec City, so you should have no trouble finding things to do during your stay.


Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada is located on the grounds of what resort?

Station Touristique Duchesnay is a winter resort where you can enjoy any winter activity you can think of, including an ice hotel.


How many rooms does Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada have?

Though the hotel is continuing to grow, it currently has 36 rooms and suites.


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