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Patty Duke was such a big star in the '60s that she not only got her own show -- she got to play two different roles in the same series. In a "Parent Trap" -esque scenario, Duke played the wild and crazy Patty and her lookalike cousin, the much calmer Cathy. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this classic comedy!

What makes Patty lose control, according to the show's theme song?

For some inexplicable reason, the show's theme song declared that a hot dog makes the all-American Patty lose control, while Cathy is more of a crepe suzette kind of girl.


What show's theme song was sung by the same group as the song on "The Patty Duke Show?"

A little-known band called the Skip-Jacks sang the theme songs for both Patty Duke and the Flintstones. That may explain why the "Identical Cousins" tune sounds just a little bit like the "Meet the Flintstones" ditty.


Where is the show set?

The show was filmed on location in and around New York and is officially set in Brooklyn Heights. Producers chose New York over Los Angeles because relaxed child labor laws allowed Duke to film for longer hours.


Where is Cathy from?

Cathy grew up in Scotland, but thanks to her globe-trotting father, she has been everywhere from Zanzibar to Barclay Square. She moves in with Patty's family so she can attend high school and stay in one place while her father travels for work.


Why do Cathy and Patty look so similar?

The girls were identical cousins because their fathers were actually identical twins. William Schallert played both Martin Lane, Patty's dad, and Kenneth Lane, Cathy's father, on the show.


Where did Patty's and Cathy's fathers work?

Patty's dad was the managing editor of the "New York Daily Chronicle," while Cathy's dad was a foreign correspondent for the same publication.


What was the name of Patty's boyfriend?

Patty and Richard Harrison, played by Eddie Applegate, dated throughout the series -- though Patty often broke up with him when another guy caught her eye.


What was the name of Patty's younger brother?

Actor Paul O'Keefe played Patty's younger brother Ross Lane on the show. While the pair often got along, Ross wasn't above blackmailing his sister or playing pranks on her occasionally.


Which subject is Patty enamored with in the series premiere?

Patty goes from flunking French to acing the class after she falls for her substitute teacher Andre Malon in the series premiere. Malon takes a special interest in Patty because she is struggling with her grades, not realizing that he is actually leading her on.


What are Patty and Richard seeking when everyone thinks they are applying for a marriage license in Season 1?

Patty wants to surprise her father with a trip to the fishing lodge where he spent his honeymoon. When she goes to pick up a fishing license for the trip, her father's boss sees her and Richard and assumes they are getting ready to elope.


What role do Cathy and Patty battle over in the school play in Season 1?

Cathy really wants to play Cleopatra in the school production of "Antony and Cleopatra" during Season 1, but Patty gets the role instead. When Cathy is named understudy, she is ready to take over the part when Patty falls ill.


Where does Martin's employer plan to send him in the episode "The Continental" in Season 1?

The entire Lane family is thrilled when Martin's newspaper wants to send him -- and his wife and kids -- to Paris for a year. Once they realize how much they'll be leaving behind, though, they opt out of moving to France.


What does Cathy buy Natalie for her birthday in the episode "The Con Artist?"

What woman doesn't want a vacuum cleaner for her birthday? When Cathy decides to purchase the vacuum from a traveling salesman, she gets more than she bargained for and asks Patty for help in paying for the machine.


What instrument does Patty play?

Patty takes up the tuba in the Season 2 premiere but drives her family to wear ear plugs with her persistent practice.


Who is Patty's rival in the first two seasons of the show?

Patty Lane and Sue Ellen Turner -- played by Kitty Sullivan -- are often at odds in the first two seasons. The two girls, who go to school together, typically fight over boys -- and Sue Ellen even has the nerve to try and woo Richard at one point.


Which member of the family joins the Peace Corps in Season 2?

Patty lies about her age to join the Peace Corps in Season 2. She's accepted for a mission to Africa and starts learning Swahili before her family finds out and stops her from going.


What does Patty Lane, Inc. sell?

After seeing her father investing in the stock market, Patty decides to start her own corporation and seek out investors. She starts Patty Lane, Inc. to sell Cathy's homemade apricot jam.


What singer does Patty suspect her parents are trying to marry her off to in Season 2?

Frank Sinatra Jr. guest stars in the Season 2 episode "Every Girl Should Be Married." In the episode, he plays David Stone, a boy that Patty believes her parents are trying to force her to marry.


What is the name of Patty and Cathy's cousin from Tennessee?

In addition to playing Patty and Cathy, Patty Duke also played another identical cousin, Betsy from Tennessee -- who is the daughter of her father Martin's brother Jed and happens to look just like Patty and Cathy.


Whose car breaks down outside of Patty's house in the Season 3 premiere?

Singer and actor Frankie Avalon is driving past the Lane's home when he has the bad luck to break down in the Season 3 premiere "A Foggy Day in Brooklyn Heights." When he knocks on the door for help, Patty is determined to spend as much time as possible with the teen idol.


Who removes Patty's tonsils?

Fifties teen idol Troy Donahue plays Dr. Morgan, who gets Patty's heart soaring when he removes her tonsils in Season 3.


What kind of club is Ross trying to join in the series finale?

Ross desperately wants to join the Tigers Basketball Club in the series finale of the show. The club will only let him in if Patty agrees to go on a date with the club president, but Patty can't stand him.


What is the name of Patty's main rival in the final season of the show?

Poor Patty can't catch a break; after dealing with Sue Ellen Turner for years, Patty starts feuding with Monica Robinson -- played by Kathy Garver -- throughout Season 3.


Who is Cathy's boyfriend in Season 1?

Patty may be the boy-crazy one, but Cathy has a boyfriend of her own throughout Season 1. Played by Skip Hinnant, Ted appears in around half a dozen episodes in Season 1 before he disappears.


What year was "The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights" reunion show released?

"Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights" came out in 1999 -- more than 30 years after the show went off the air in 1966. Actress Patty Duke reprised her dual role as Cathy and Patty.


What does Sue Ellen plan to build after tearing down the school in the 1999 reunion special?

Sue Ellen is at it again. This time, she wants to tear down the high school -- where Patty happens to work -- so she can build a shopping mall.


Which popular TV actress played Sue Ellen on the Patty Duke reunion special?

Kitty Sullivan wasn't available to play Sue Ellen on the Patty Duke reunion. Instead, Cindy Williams -- who played Shirley Feeney on "Laverne and Shirley" -- took over the role of Patty's rival Sue Ellen.


What is the name of Patty and Richard's son in the reunion?

In the reunion special, Patty and Richard have split up, but they have a son named Michael and a granddaughter named Molly. Cathy is living in Scotland with her son Liam.


Patty Duke was diagnosed as bi-polar in real-life.

When producer Sidney Sheldon was creating a show for actress Patty Duke, he had her spend a week with his family so he could get to know her. This gave him the idea for "The Patty Duke Show," which was based on the two distinct sides of the actress' personality. She was later diagnosed as bi-polar, which may explain her very different personas.


How many seasons did the show run?

"The Patty Duke Show" ran for just three seasons between 1963 and 1966. The show ended over disagreements between switching from black and white to color and over fights about moving filming of the show from New York to California.


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