If You Don't Know Who These Celebs Are, You're Officially Old

By: Ian Fortey

What are your thoughts on Camilla Cabello?

Tom Holland is pretty cool, right?

Would you recommend Grace VanderWaal to a friend?

Are you feeling like Finn Wolfhard has a long career ahead of him?

Are you down with Billie Eilish?

Is 21 Savage on your playlist?

How likely are you to go see a new movie starring Kiernan Shipka?

Can you identify JoJo Siwa?

What's your favorite Zazie Beetz role?

What are your thoughts on PewDiePie?

Is Bad Bunny good?

We know you know Post Malone. Tell us you know Post Malone.

Tell us what you like about Tyler Blevins.

Has Liza Koshy ever made you laugh?

You know what Timothée Chalamet is famous for, right?

What about Gaten Matarazzo?

If someone wanted to get to know more about Lil Pump, what would you recommend?

Is Russ worth a listen or not?

Is Jacob Latimore worth checking out?

What was Kodi Smit-McPhee's best role to date?

Do you like Asa Butterfield?

Do you like any of the stuff Joey King has done?

Would you consider yourself a fan of Kathryn Newton's work?

Do you like Ali-A's work?

Do you dig Markiplier?

How much of Tye Sheridan's work have you seen?

Are you a fan of the work of Katherine Langford?

What are your thoughts on JackSepticEye?

Do you want to see more from Storm Reid?

Lauren Jauregui is pretty popular these days. Or is she?

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Image: Wiki Commons by Dominick D

About This Quiz

Pop culture is an ever-changing landscape of weirdness and confusion. There was a time when every single person was cool and with it and at the cutting edge of what was hot and what wasn't. Even your parents. Even your grandparents. There was a time they were grooving along to Elvis or the Traveling Wilburys and their parents were feeling out of touch because they didn't get it. And then time passed and what was cool became uncool and old and new stuff became cool. New singers sang new songs, new actors made new movies.  The scary thing is that one day it will absolutely happen to you, too. In the distant future, you'll talk about your favorite YouTuber and your kids will roll their eyes because it's so out of touch with whatever new thing they're into. And if you want to really be scared, you can ask yourself if it's already happening.

So are you too old to know who the hottest celebrities of today are? Sure there are plenty of old standbys around making waves, but what about the younger generations, the up and comers? think you can ID them or are you just too old? Grab your butterscotch candy and take the quiz and see.

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