If You Were a Horse, What Kind Would You Be?

Ian Fortey

It's important to keep active, so how do you like to get your exercise?

If you were ever going to be a professional athlete, what sport would you master?

How do you like to spend a lazy, hot summer's day when you have nothing important to do?

What's your favorite fast food restaurant of all time?

What Netflix original series do you need to binge as soon as a new season comes out?

Which Avenger is clearly the best of all the Avengers?

Where would you be most likely to take someone on a first date?

Are you a competitive sort of person or not?

What was your favorite subject when you were in high school?

If you could have any of these cars, which one would you pick?

Not all burgers are created equal. What's the best way to prepare a burger?

If you're in the mood for a soft drink, what are you going to grab?

Which Disney princess do you most relate to?

If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you most like to go?

This question is extremely important. Who was the best Golden Girl?

Do you tend to watch what you eat or not?

If you're at the bar and someone's buying a round, what are you going to drink?

How well do you think you work in a group with others?

What's the greatest retro gaming system of all time?

What's the best kind of sandwich mankind ever created?

Which city would you most like to live in?

What's your absolute favorite type of cuisine to eat?

If you get picked to be someone's Secret Santa, do you go all out?

If you're heading to the beach for an afternoon, what do you plan on doing while you're there?

If you need to go on a long trip somewhere, what would be your favorite way to travel?

Which member of the Justice League do you feel the most like?

Where were you most likely to sit on the first day of a new class back in school?

If you won an all-expense paid trip for two to some exotic location, who would you take with you?

How often do you find yourself shopping at second-hand stores?

If you had access to a time machine, what period in history would you go visit?

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Image: Seng Chye Teo / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are a lot of magical animals out there in the world. Is there anything stronger than the bond between a boy and his dog? And have you ever had a chance to swim with dolphins as they frolic and play in the sea alongside you? Have you ever had a chance to ride a unicorn through lush fields of lavender? Maybe not that last one since unicorns are pretty rare these days. But do you know what's not that rare and about as close to a unicorn as you're ever going to get in this lifetime?  A horse!

Even though a horse is missing that single, magical horn, it's still a pretty wonderful animal. But the thing is, how do you choose a single one, especially if you're trying to figure out which horse you might be if you ever had the opportunity to, you know, be a horse. You have wondered what kind of horse you'd be if you could be one, right? Would you be an Appaloosa? A Mustang? A Shire horse? Lots of choices to make and not a lot of time! The best thing for you is to answer some questions, and we'll just tell you what kind of horse you'd be!

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