If You Were a Pokémon, What Would Your Best Stat Be?

Brian Whitney

Which of these famous games would you be most likely to play?

Pokémon depend on each other sometimes. Are you someone that your friends consider reliable?

Which Pokémon name sounds most fun to be?

Do you ever feel lightheaded, like you might faint?

Even Pokémon feel bad sometimes. Your best friend is depressed; what do you do to make them feel better?

Which of these characters is your favorite Marvel Superhero?

Pokémon get lonely too. You think you're in love; how do you show it?

What are you most likely to do when you have a weekend to enjoy?

Even Pokémon need money. Which one of these jobs suits your personality the best?

You have a project to finish for work; how will you get it done?

How often do you cut in front of people in line?

Which of these positions would you be best at if you played football?

When you were in Pokémon high school, which of these classes did you like the best?

Do you still have some of your stuffed animals from childhood?

Do you feel that a lot of people in your life have tried to hurt you in the past?

If you were to compete in an Olympic sport, which one would you do best at?

If you can't figure out something right away, what do you do?

Which of these old school arcade games would you play?

What season is your favorite and why?

Your Pokémon village is at war. You're outnumbered and are being attacked; how do you get out of it?

Which of these things do you believe in most?

You're signing up for the military, what do you join?

How long have you been into Pokémon?

You just asked someone out on a date, where do you take them?

When do you usually get physical with someone for the first time that you really like?

Which of these NBA players do you like the most?

What do you think your Pokemon friends would say was your best quality?

If your car was in the shop and you had to get 2 miles to go to the store, how would you get there?

Do you think you would make a good competitive eater?

You're being menaced by a bear in the woods, what do you do?

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Image: Game Freak / The Pokemon Company International

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered how well you'd do if you were a battling Pokémon?

Pokémon battles are cool and nerdy all at once, which is the perfect combination. Each Pokémon character has a certain amount of abilities that they use during battles; these are also known as stats. If you were a Pokémon, you would have your own stats that would let you know how much of each ability you might have to help you in battle.

But you obviously want to win. How would you stack up to all of the other Pokémon when it comes to stats? And how would they tie in with your own personality? HP stands for "Hit Points;" this shows how much damage that you as a Pokémon could take on before fainting. It shows how tough you are and how much you can endure. "Attack" is all about dealing damage; this stat is all about how aggressive you are and how effective you are when deciding to go on offense. Then you have "defense," which is all about how easily you get away from damage when someone tries to attack you. Another big one is "speed;" if you have a lot of speed, you're going to make a move before anyone else.

Take this quiz, and we'll let you know what your best stat would be if you were a Pokémon. Don't worry, if you faint, we'll wait.

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