If You Were an Actress, Which Classic Movie Would You Have Starred In?

Emily Maggrett

What would your classic movie star name be?

How would you do your hair?

Which handsome leading man would you be seen with about town?

Every starlet needs a signature scent. What would yours be?

Would you live in a charming bungalow, a spacious penthouse, the Chateau Marmont or ... ?

How would you do your make-up?

Classic movie stars often told the press that their good looks were thanks to bizarre beauty secrets. What would yours be?

Who's a better dancer? Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire?

Do you like the bad boy or bad girl type?

Which one of these sleek little cars would you drive?

In one word, how would you describe your personal style?

What would your studio-approved fake backstory be?

Many classic Hollywood stars had feuds with each other (at least, according to the tabloids.) Which leading lady would you feud with?

What's your most striking physical feature?

No Hollywood star would go without a darling lap dog for petting in front of the press. Which kind would you get?

Who's a bigger smokeshow: Cary Grant or Gregory Peck?

Some of the greatest classic films are film noir, or mystery stories about the dark side of human nature. What's your favorite film noir?

Would you have affairs with your leading men?

Take a look at your closet. Which colors dominate it?

When it comes to dry, sarcastic men, do you prefer Humphrey Bogart or George Sanders?

Which designer would make all your costumes?

Joan Crawford was notorious for hating wire hangers, as she claimed they were bad for clothes. What would your ridiculous pet peeve be?

Are you high-key, low-key or no-key?

What kind of jewels would you wear?

Most stars had skeletons in their closets, which scandalized the public once they were made leaked. What would your scandalous secret be?

Are you pretentious?

If you were competing on "American Idol," how would you do?

Elizabeth Taylor was famously married eight times. How many times would you be married?

In your opinion, what's the greatest musical of all time?

Which of these quotes resonates the most with you?

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Image: Chendo Pérez / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Calling all actresses, would-be actresses and classic movie fans! Have you ever wondered what kind of starlet you would have been if you'd been alive during the Golden Age of Hollywood? 

It's fun to daydream about whether the studio would have given you a dramatic makeover, complete with fake eyelashes, barrel curls and scarlet lipstick. Would you have been presented as a wholesome girl next door, or as an alluring vixen type, the kind that causes the hero's downfall? Would you have been allowed to keep your own name, or would the marketing people have made you change it to something classy and alliterative, like "Genevieve Gordon"? Most importantly, would you have gotten cast in great comedies like "Born Yesterday" or "Bringing Up Baby," or would you have starred in dramas like "Citizen Kane" or "Mildred Pierce"?

In this quiz, we're going to diagnose what kind of Old Hollywood starlet you would have been, by asking you to create a classic Hollywood movie star persona. By the end of the quiz, our supercomputer will have figured out whether the studio would have marketed you as a smoldering woman of mystery, daffy screwball comedy lead, fleet-footed musical star or witty leading lady. Ready to travel back to the era of deep side parts and beauty marks? Let's play!

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