If Your Love Was a Flower What Would It Be?

Jennifer Post

What's the most meaningful thing about being in love?

Can you think of a person who most personifies what you want in a partner?

Do you have a signature date look?

Would you rather have a relationship full of passion or a steady burn?

Other than a person, what do you love the most?

Do you have a list of qualities you look for in someone you could love?

Are you passionate about books or entertainment?

Do you currently work in a field that you love?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Is love simple?

What initially draws you to a person?

Could you love someone who had completely different goals in life?

If you had to bring centerpieces to a party, which flowers would you put in them?

If you and the person you love had a child, who would you want them to be more like?

Which of the below is the most important trait in the person you love?

How would your best friend describe you?

Which flower is the most appropriate to give someone you love?

If you were to plant an herb garden, which flavor enhancement would be the most abundant?

When it rains outside, what's your most loved indoor activity?

Thinking about your best friend, what do you think they love most about you?

Which element of nature does you love most identify with?

If you found wildflowers on the side of the road, would you stop and pick them?

How many times have you been in love where it wasn't reciprocated?

If you're in love with someone right now, can you see it lasting forever?

What did you love the most about school, if anything?

Do you expect flowers on an anniversary or special occasion?

Here's a tricky question. What do you love the most about yourself?

Where can you see your love life going in the next few years?

Do you prefer flowers that smell good or look good?

Why are flowers such a representation of relationships?

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About This Quiz

There's no one right way to love someone. Did you know there are actually five different ways to show love, also known as love languages? Basically, depending on your personality and what you need out of a relationship, you could show love with physical actions, acts of kindness, words, etc. Finding a partner who needs love the way you like to show it and vice versa could make for a really solid relationship.

But what if your relationship were a flower? How could you accurately represent how you feel about someone with a plant? On Valentine's Day, roses are typically offered. But why? Roses signify love traditionally, but there are so many other varieties of flowers to transmit the same feeling. Just don't give anyone carnations or else they'll think you only like them as a friend.

Think about how your love translates to other people. Is it big and ostentatious like a voluminously blooming flower, or is it more quiet and understated like the small flowers of a baby's breath? No matter what your love is like, there is a flower that matches it. But you'll have to dig pretty deep to find out what it is, and it's about that time. Answer these questions, and you'll find out what flower your love is!

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