Quiz: Amazing Animals: Insect Quiz
Amazing Animals: Insect Quiz
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When your stomach starts growling, do you ever yearn for toasted beetles or sauteed grubs? If those culinary selections turn your stomach, consider the fact that there are more than 1,400 edible insect species. Take the insect quiz for more creepy, crawly insect facts.

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Insects make up what percentage of the world's animals?
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What are the three parts of an insect's body?
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Which of the following insects has not evolved much from its original form?
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Chitin helps form which part of insect anatomy?
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What do insects use their simple eyes for?
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Of the following, which body part do insects not have in common with humans?
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During complete, or indirect, metamorphosis, which developmental stage follows the egg phase?
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What percentage of insects are harmful to plants and animals?
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Which of the following is a sign that an insect is probably safe to eat?
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Around how many ethnic groups practice entomophagy, or bug eating?
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