Quiz: Interesting Facts Quiz: WWII
Interesting Facts Quiz: WWII
By: John Miller
Image: sgbirch from Peterborough, United Kingdom

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“May God have mercy for my enemies because I won’t.” So said American General George S. Patton during World War II. Patton was often full of hot air, but in this case he was exceedingly accurate, as he spent much of WWII sending German troops running for their lives. Do you know much about the quirky and fascinating facts of the Second World War?

You already know that many people call Germany’s invasion of Poland the beginning of the war. But did you know that Japan’s attack on China in 1937 resulted in millions of deaths and contributed to worldwide instability? You also know that America dropped atomic weapons on Japan – an event that’s often credited with forcing the Japanese to surrender. But did you know that in early August 1945, the Soviets attacked Japan with more than 1.6 million troops? That invasion -- rather than the atomic attacks -- may have actually been the tipping point for Japan’s leaders.

Some historians fault America’s leaders for delaying the country’s entry into WWII. But after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, the U.S. dove headfirst into war. Do you know just how powerful America’s war industry became in the span of just a few short years? From P-51 fighters to Sherman tanks to B-29 bombers, the U.S. was determined to show the Empire of the Sun and the Third Reich what democracy was all about.

Take our interesting WWII facts quiz now! We’ll see if you really know the statistics and mind-boggling stories of this terrible conflict.

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