Quiz: The International Witchcraft Quiz
The International Witchcraft Quiz
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Salem may seem like witch central, but it's just a tiny blip in the trials and troubles of witches worldwide. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of witchcraft all around the globe.

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True or false: In Middle Ages Europe, witchcraft was considered an inherited skill.
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How many "witches" were executed in Europe at the peak of witch hysteria in the 16th and 17th centuries?
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What year was the "Malleus Maleficarum" published?
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Who gave black cats their witchy association?
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What percent of Africans believe in witches today?
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True or false: Africans who believe in witches tend to feel better about their own lives than Africans who deny the existence of witches.
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True or false: Witchcraft accusations are more common during the rainy season in Malawi.
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What percent of Muslims believe in witchcraft?
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Where did the Pendle witch trials take place?
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What country established an anti-witchcraft unit in 2009?
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How many people in Saudi Arabia were charged with witchcraft in 2009?
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How many sorcerers were arrested in Saudi Arabia in 2012?
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More than 17,000 people were arrested for witchcraft between 1998 and 2001 in this country.
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What percent of accused witches in 16th century Europe were women?
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Which country ordered all witch camps to close in 2012?
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How did Gambia deal with witches in 2009?
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Where did Danish aid workers find a toddler accused of witchcraft in 2016?
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How many people in India have been put to death for witchcraft in the 21st century?
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Which of these religions celebrates pre-Christian pagan beliefs?
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Where did the Trier witch trials take place?
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What year did England enact its Witchcraft Act, which made witchcraft punishable by death?
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When was the last person executed for witchcraft in England?
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How were convicted witches punished in Germany's Wurzburg witch trials?
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What year did England officially remove the death penalty as a punishment for witches?
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When was the last person prosecuted under England's Witchcraft Act?
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True or false: Few Latin Americans believe in witchcraft.
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During what century did a pope officially declare witchcraft a threat to the church?
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Which of these was seen as a sure sign of guilt during a European witch trial in the Middle Ages?
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What country banned the portrayal of witchcraft on TV in 2016?
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What percent of people in Ivory Coast believe in witches?
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