Quiz: The Ultimate Ironing Tips Quiz
The Ultimate Ironing Tips Quiz
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Is doing the ironing the household chore you absolutely detest? Do you find that it is just a waste of time -- the clothes are still wrinkled even after you invested so much effort into ironing them? Take our quiz and get some great tips on making ironing more efficient.

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Where is the best place to iron clothes?

The best place to iron clothes is in the bedroom; you have hangers close by and can use the bed to sort the laundry.

You can cut down on your ironing time by putting a piece of aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. The foil will absorb the heat of the iron, so you will be ironing on both sides at one time.

To iron most efficiently, first iron items that need the lower temperatures, then iron items that need higher temperatures.

Put the ironing board cover on when it is still damp and let it dry that way. This will ensure a snug fit.

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How can you prevent collars, cuffs and hems from puckering?

To prevent collars, cuffs and hems from puckering, iron them on the wrong side first. Use this trick on double layer garments as well.

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What can you use if you don't have a sleeve board?

If you don't have a sleeve board, use a rolled up towel or make your own, covering a cardboard tube with a soft cloth.

To make your own starch, slowly add one tablespoon of cornstarch to two cups of water and mix until dissolved. Pour mixture into a spray bottle to use it.

To remove wrinkles from a tie, cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside, cover it with cheesecloth and iron it lightly.

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What water should you use inside an electric iron?

Different irons require different types of water; some need tap water, others distilled water. Follow your manufacturer's directions.

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What should you use to clean the vents of your iron?

Use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab to clean the vents of your iron. A sharp knife will scratch the plates.

To clean your iron's soleplates, wipe it with a cloth dipped in baking soda. Don't use harsh scourers, which will scratch the surface.

If your iron is sticky from a build up of starch, run the plates across a piece of foil, fine sandpaper or a piece of paper sprinkled with salt. However, don't use salt if the plate is plastic coated.

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When the steam action decreases in power, you know that it is time to clean the water reservoir from a buildup of mineral deposits.

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Pour a mixture of 1/3 of a cup of water and 1/3 of a cup of vinegar. Heat the iron, let it steam for three minutes and then drain the water from the vents for about an hour.

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What can you do to keep pleats in place when ironing them?

To keep pleats in place when ironing them, hold them in place with paper clips. Just be careful not to snag the material.

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