Is a Crossover the Right Vehicle for Your Family?

Mark Philip Lichtenstein

How big is your family?

Do you have a pet?

Do you often have to deal with icy roads?

Do you drive on dirt roads?

Do you drive long distances?

Do you need four wheel drive?

No, really. Do you really need four wheel drive?

C'mon. Surely all wheel drive would get the job done, right?

Do you need to haul around luggage?

How much luggage do you typically carry?

How many people do you transport other than yourself on a regular basis?

Do you usually travel alone?

Do you need your car for your job?

Does the inside of your vehicle need to be nice?

Does your vehicle need to be light and nimble?

Is fuel efficiency important to you?

Do you really want a sports car?

Do you want something big so you can feel like you're at the helm of a space ship?

Do you dream of being in one of those crossover commercials where the crossover is driven through the open desert?

Do you care about the environment?

Do you have anything against leaning forward to load the trunk of your vehicle?

Do you kind of wish you could have an H1 Hummer?

Do you need good visibility?

Do you need to be high up?

Do you need a lot of luxury?

Do you want a sleek profile?

Do you want stupid giant wheels with low profile tires?

Do you plan to tow things?

Does a big car make you "feel like a man"?

Would you really prefer rear wheel drive?

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About This Quiz

Crossovers are hugely popular. They can be fast and nimble now, and they won't just roll over because you decided to turn at an intersection. You can pack them full of things and people, but does your family really need one? Let's find out!

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