Quiz: Is It a Japanese Car or an American Car?
Is It a Japanese Car or an American Car?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Yes, there's a big difference. Each manufacturer has its pros and cons, but in this quiz we're going to test your knowledge of the difference between Japanese and American cars! By the end, you just may want to have one of each.

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Which car holds its value better?
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Who came out with the ?
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Who is home of the "Big Three"?
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Which car has a better chance of getting stolen?
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Which cars are the safest?
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Which manufacturer is known for their compact cars?
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Who changes the design of their cars frequently​?
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Which country makes the most cars?
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Seven of the ten top-rated cars in 2010 were _____ cars.
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Who had the top-selling car in the U.S. in 2016?
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Who invented the auto assembly line?
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Who has more powerful cars?
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Who produces a car faster?
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Where was the first true commercial automobile manufactured?
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Who revolutionized the HEMI engine?
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Who takes more risks?
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Who looks for more ways to cut costs in the manufacturing process?
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Who has got the bigger edge in the auto industry?
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Who dominated the automotive market in the mid-20th century?
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Who employed 1.3 million auto workers in 2000?
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Who is the third largest auto producer in the world?
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Who gets their engines moved into other cars?
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Who has the most popular truck?
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Where does DeLorean manufacture cars?
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Who has the best imports into Australia?
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Who has more auto auctions?
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Where were airbags invented?
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Who had the first four-wheel anti-lock breaks?
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Who invented automatic climate control in cars?
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If you want to buy a car under $10,000, what do you buy?
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Who capitalized on the energy crisis in the 1970s?
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Who boasts of a car that drove 1,000,000 miles?
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The first intelligent suspension came from where?
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Who popularized "just in time" delivery of auto parts?
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