Quiz: Is It a Real Beauty Tip or BS?
Is It a Real Beauty Tip or BS?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Think you are a beauty expert? The age of clicks entertainment has rapidly changed the way we access information, the way we learn, and how that information is created and spread. On the internet, anyone can claim to be an expert and post anything, which makes being able to tell what's real from what's not vital. This can be especially true in the internet beauty community, where people and organizations often post less-than-helpful or totally insane "beauty hacks" for clicks. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if what you are seeing is a genuine beauty hack or someone who is just a hack. 

Whether it's contouring with fruit or using food as makeup, there are a million and one supposed beauty tips out there that are just not helpful. Some of them can even be dangerous. Putting substances that are not eye-safe around your eyes, for example, can lead to infections and possibly worse. While videos on the internet may claim that you can put half your kitchen cupboard on your hair and face and never buy lotion again, you might want to think twice.     

If you are your own personal beauty guru, put your beauty savvy to the test with this quiz! 

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