Is it red or white? The wine quiz!

By: Isadora Teich

What type of wine is Merlot?

Merlot is a versatile red with a lot of fruity notes. These include watermelon, plum, strawberry and cherry.

What kind of wine is Sauvignon Blanc?

While originally French, these grapes are now cultivated all over the world, which has made Sauvignon Blanc very diverse. It can be zesty and citrusy or flowery and sweet.

What kind of wine is Riesling?

This white German wine is known for intense aromas. It often tastes of Meyer lemon, apricot, pineapple and lime.

What type of wine is Grenache Blanc?

This originally Spanish wine is known for its green and citrus fruit flavors. These can include Asian pear, unripe mango and lime.

Ice wine is a _______ wine.

Ice wine is an incredibly sweet wine produced in freezing temperatures. It is one of the hardest wines to make and has almost double the sweet flavor of Coca-Cola.

Malbec wine is _____.

Malbec wine has sour cherry and spice flavors. It's made of blended grapes of Bordeaux.

What kind of wine is Sangiovese?

This often acidic wine is best when it comes from Italy. It has anise, tobacco leaf and cherry pie flavors.

What kind of wine is Cabernet Sauvignon?

Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine with bell pepper, cassis and black cherry flavors. The grapes which make this wine are grown all over the world.

Chardonnay is what type of wine?

This white wine can have diverse flavors, depending on how ripe the grapes were and whether it was oak aged or not. It can have various fruit and herb flavors, and when oak aged can taste like butter, pie crust, caramelized sugar and numerous other sweet treats.

Syrah is a ______ wine.

This dark-skinned grape variety makes red wines with a flavor that is highly influenced by the climate in which they are grown. When grown in moderate climates the wine is known for blackberry, mint and black pepper notes.

What color is Pinot Grigio?

This famously zesty and acidic wine is also known as Pinot Gris. It can have honey notes or floral aromas depending on where its grapes are grown.

Cabernet Franc is a _______ wine.

This pale red wine is often blended with other types of red wine. Depending on where it's grown, it can have tobacco, cassis, raspberry, bell pepper and violet notes.

What kind of wine is Barbera wine?

This red Italian wine grape variety is highly popular in Italy. Lighter versions are very fruity, while others are aged in oak barrels.

What color is Montepulciano wine?

This Italian wine grape is mostly harvested in southern Italy. It's generally deep red and moderately acidic.

What color is Pinot Noir?

Pinot Noir can come from temperamental grapes in the Burgundy region. It has tomato leaf, beetroot, cola and blackberry flavors.

Pinotage is what type of wine?

This red wine grape is a signature of South Africa. It's a smoky, earthy and sometimes fruity wine that can sometimes have a strong and unpleasant smell.

Petit Verdot is what type of wine?

This variety of wine grape is often used in Bordeaux blends. When it's young it can smell like bananas but can develop leather and violet scents as it ages.

What kind of wine is Sagrantino?

This wine is not highly known outside of Italy. It's a purplish, almost black wine with earthy and fruity flavors.

What kind of wine is Tannat?

This is a bold historically French red wine. It's smoky, spicy and has plum notes.

Chenin Blanc is a _______ wine.

Chenin Blanc is a sweet originally French wine. It has notes of pear, apple, honeysuckle and ginger.

What kind of wine is White Port?

Port is a sweet wine from Portugal. It's available in red, white and rosé varieties.

White Rioja is a _____ wine.

This Spanish wine is made from white grapes. When young this wine has nutty flavors and can develop pineapple, candied tarragon and whiskey notes as it ages.

Moscato wine is:

This wine is made from the Muscat grape. It has sweet blossom and fruit flavors.

Grüner Veltliner is a ________ wine.

This dry white wine grows almost exclusively in Austria. This wine is fruity and so acidic that it pops on the tongue.

The Greek wine Assyrtiko is ________.

This light and fruity wine has citrus notes. It comes from the Greek island of Santorini originally.

What kind of wine comes from the Zinfandel grape?

The best Zinfandel comes from California. This wine often has a lot of fruity notes, like berries, black cherry and prune. There is also a rosé variety, which is far more popular in the U.S.

What kind of wine is Viognier?

This full-bodied white wine is known for its sweet perfume. When oak-aged, this wine can have a creamy vanilla flavor.

Nero d'Avola is what kind of wine?

This red wine grape is a big deal in Sicily, Italy. It often has plum or peppery notes.

What color is Tokaji wine?

This Hungarian white wine is created when a specific kind of mold grows, rots and dries repeatedly on berries. There are several types which can be dry or sweet.

What type of wine is Moschofilero?

This Greek wine smells sweet and honeyed but tastes incredibly dry. Sometimes the wine has a slight copper color.

What type of wine is Sherry?

This dry wine is meant to be paired with food. It comes from Spain, and while sweet varieties dominated the American market for decades, there are actually different kinds of sherry with different flavor profiles.

What type of wine is Madeira?

This white wine is available in dry or sweet styles. It can have caramel, toffee, walnut oil, orange peel and burnt sugar flavors, amongst others.

Vin Santo is a ______ wine.

This is an Italian sweet dessert wine. It has intense caramel and hazelnut flavors.

Vermentino is a ______ wine.

This underrated wine grows mostly on the Italian island of Sardinia. It can have lime, grapefruit, daffodil and almond flavors.

Mencia wine is:

This grape is largely harvested in northwestern Spain. It makes for pale and fragrant red wine.

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