Quiz: Is It the United States, Canada or Europe?
Is It the United States, Canada or Europe?
By: Becky Stigall
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Whether it's the new kid on the block, the polite neighbors to the north, or the traditional roots of both, the U.S., Canada, and the countries of Europe all have something to brag about.

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The Declaration of Independence is a governing document of what county?
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Where is the Mediterranean Sea?
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On which of these continents is France located?
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Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of what North American country?
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Whose capital is Ottawa?
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What country celebrates Thanksgiving on the third Thursday of November?
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Where is Paris located?
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Who gained independence from England in 1776?
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Who used nuclear weapons during World War II?
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Who shares a border with the United States?
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Where is Yellowstone National Park?
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What country occupies the northernmost part of North America?
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Whose anthem is the "Star Spangled Banner"?
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Russia is the largest country in ______.
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What country has the world's largest economy?
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Whose symbol is the maple leaf?
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Whose capital is Washington, D.C.?
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Where is Toronto located?
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Where is the Euro used?
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Whose symbol is the eagle?
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Where is Moscow?
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Where is Mount McKinley located?
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Where is England located?
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Where is the Missouri River?
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Whose anthem is "La Marseillaise"?
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The Hawaiian Islands are located where?
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Which name means "village" or "settlement"?
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_____ covers roughly 2% of the Earth's surface.
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What country has more than 30,000 lakes?
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Which of the following is the most sparsely populated?
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What country was first colonized by France in 1535?
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Which is the world's most educated country?
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The St. Lawrence River is primarily where?
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Whose motto is "A Mari usque ad Mare"?
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Which two countries are the Great Lakes located in?
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