Is the Expat Lifestyle for You?

Mark Lichtenstein

Do you fear change?

Do you make new friends easily?

Do you get homesick?

How's your immune system?

And your digestive system?

Do you get sick when the weather changes?

Do you have a job that can be done in any city?

Do you believe all cultures have something to offer?

Can you survive without internet?

Would you miss your family?

Do you love racking up those airmiles?

Do you like diversity?

Are you open-minded?

Are you easily bored?

Do you need to feel safe?

Do you mind feeling like a tourist?

Do you know how to blend in?

Do you love an adventure?

Do you hate to be tied down?

Do you speak many languages?

Do you fear you might go native?

Do you burn easily in the sun?

Do you sort of hate where you're from?

Do you need wide open spaces, room to make big mistakes?

How thick is your American accent?

Could you live in a place where men and women were much less equal?

How about one where they were much more equal?

Could you stand being in the religious minority?

How important is it to you to be able to disrespect the government without being arrested?

Could you live someplace that prohibited gun ownership?

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About This Quiz

Have you ever vowed to flee the USA and start over in another country, without renouncing your citizenship? It's not easy. First, you need to determine if you can stand living abroad, what you will do professionally, and how well you will adapt culturally. Are you ready to be an expatriate?

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